Art Competition


Creating artwork on an Easter theme

We are delighted that Carole Kane has agreed to judge out forthcoming Methodist Newsletter art competition. As is clear from the interview in this month’s issue, Carole is an artist with both technical expertise, spiritual sensitivity and a profound awareness of how God can use the creative process to build peace.

‘Creativity is a God-breathed amazing process which opens our imaginations and sensitivities to the Holy Spirit,’ she writes. ‘It is a spiritual gift and we each have a measure in one format or another.  It opens ways of expression, communication and interpretation and, like faith, it allows us to see beyond the physical and into the unknown. In the Old Testament, an artist called Bezalel was filled with the Holy Spirit and given the great commission to build the Temple for God’s presence. Artists are still given this great task and by listening to the Holy Spirit, we can respond to his instruction and direction.

‘This creative opportunity asks artists to prayerfully consider making an artwork based on some aspect of the Easter theme. We’re not asking fortechnically perfect paintings but work that expresses your response to the theme, an aspect that God has put on your heart.’


Theme: The theme is ‘Easter’, and the winning pieces of art will be produced in the April 2016 edition of the MNL. We invite you to express through paint any aspect of Easter that inspires you. As a means to finding inspiration, you might begin by prayerfully reading the Easter story and thinking about what aspect moves you, and what you want to communicate through your painting.

Medium: We are looking for an original 2D piece of work using any paint medium (oil, watercolour, acrylic, pastel etc), drawing or collage. 

Size: Your paper or canvas should not be more than 40cm x 30cm.

Number of entries: Each entrant may produce up to two pieces of art.

Age: Entrants should be aged over 16.

How to enter: When you have completed your paintings, take photographs of them with a digital camera and email them to the Methodist Newsletter at Please send images of around 1 megabyte including a title for each work and your contact details. The best pieces will be shortlisted and the artists invited to send or bring the originals to Edgehill Theological College Belfast where the final judging will take place. The closing date for submission of photographs is Friday 8 January 2016.

Prizes: First prize - £50; Second prize - £30; Third prize - £20.  The best paintings will be featured in the April 2016 magazine.